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Texas pastor lights up internet with delightful Whataburger biscuit song

Texas pastor lights up internet with tasty Whataburger biscuit song

A pastor and comedian from McKinney has become today's internet star thanks to a video he posted extolling the joys of the honey butter chicken biscuit sold at Whataburger.

On February 16, Pastor Fred Thomas, aka "The Pastor Fred," posted a video he recorded in the front seat of his car that shows him singing passionately about the breakfast item. Called "Something About This Biscuit," it sounds more like a gospel song and is well on its way to notching 5 million views (4,903,647 as of 10:22 am).

The video begins with a screeching organ, and Thomas singing, "You know breakfast is the most important meal of the day." He also shares his advice on how to order.

"Every time I get this biscuit, I get a little extra honey butter so it won't be dry, it won't be dry," he sings. "Whataburger, I don't think the honey biscuit should just be breakfast, you should sell sell all day."

The Whataburger item consists of a fried chicken strip on a buttermilk biscuit topped with honey butter sauce. It has been sufficiently popular that it spawned a knock-off from Wendy's.

Thomas, who identifies himself as the pastor at the Laugh Out Loud Church, says he's reeling from the reaction.

"I made the video in my driveway on the morning of the 16th, and a few days later we're at 4.9 million views on Facebook," he says. He says there are a couple factors accounting for its success that have less to do with the item itself and more to do with the delivery.

"People like to eat," he says. "And then, 'honey butter chicken and a biscuit,' that all sounds good when you think about it. But I also think people like the sound. I'm a gospel guy, I'm a preacher. Whether people are believers or not, I think they love the sound of the song. I think people are just as intrigued by sound of gospel as they are biscuit. There's a spiritual connection."

In addition to his evangelical work, Thomas is also a Christian comedian. "I travel across the country performing at churches and conventions telling my little funny stories," he says.

And this isn't his first video. "I've done a few things that went viral, including a gospel song about BlueBell ice cream that got some national notoriety. But I've never had anything take off like this."

But "Something About This Biscuit" comes from the heart. "Oh I love that biscuit, it's a part of my daily regimen," he says.

Whataburger chicken honey biscuit
The honey butter chicken biscuit is everything. Photo courtesy of Whataburger