Tacodeli Hits Houston

Rumor no more: Favorite Austin taco joint breaks into new Texas market

Rumor no more: Favorite Austin taco joint breaks into new Texas market

Tacodeli is headed to Houston. Photo courtesy of Kevin Marple

Popular Austin-based taco joint Tacodeli has finally acknowledged that the rumors are true: It will open its first Houston location on Washington Avenue this fall. 

Since it opened in 1999, Tacodeli has grown to five locations across Austin, and the company's first Dallas location opened in 2015. The restaurant is known for its use of organic ingredients and locally sourced products. 

"I've been a huge fan of the Houston restaurant scene since I first started visiting the city back in the '80s! It is very exciting to know that we will finally be able to sling tacos in a city with some serious culinary heritage,” Co-owner Roberto Espinosa said in a statement.

“We are especially excited to be opening in a unique part of the city along Washington Avenue with great neighbors such as B&B Butchers, Julep, and soon to open Platypus Brewing in our building."

Tacodeli will join Washington Avenue's thriving taco scene. In addition to traditional favorites like Laredo Taqueria and Tex-Mex staples like Molina's and El Tiempo, the area has recently added Dallas import Velvet Taco. Still, Tacodeli's track record of success in Austin's competitive scene argues that it will do well in Houston too.