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South Congress food trailers moving out of famed location

South Congress food trailers moving out of famed location

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This trailer will relocate to two blocks down South Congress. Photo by Tiffany Harelik

KVUE -- Time is running out for food trailers on South Congress Ave. For some, the move-out begins this weekend and it will eventually give way to a new mixed use development.

Many of the food trailer owners have been there since the beginning. They say it's going to the end of an era. The final move out date is Tuesday May 28, but some of the trailers like Burro are moving out before Memorial Day.

"You know, I think that it will definitely change the culture of the street. I don't necessarily like the idea of a mid level high-rise going in on one of the most historical parts of town, but I'm sort of mixed about it. I do love new architecture, new buildings that's a part of good real estate," said Burro Cheese Kitchen owner Justin Burrow.

Burrow said his trailer will be moved out by Sunday. He said he's already squared away a new spot nearby on S. Congress Ave. When all of the trailers are moved out, a mixed-use development will go up. It will include commercial space at the bottom with the hotel and residential condos above.

This development has been the top works for years. So the food trailer owners aren't all that blindsided by this news. In fact, the gourmet cheese trailer has only been at its spot for three months, knowing the new project was coming, but Burrow jumped at the chance to get in because it has actually launched his business.

The move out date was originally scheduled for this Sunday. But the landlords have extended the deadline beyond memorial day to get food trailer owners a chance to make some money for the Memorial Day holiday. Some businesses are planning on having a Memorial Day party to drum up some final business.


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