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PETA names Austin its top vegan-friendly city of 2013: Move over barbecue

PETA names Austin its top vegan-friendly city of 2013

Vegan ice cream at Sweet Ritual
Vegan ice cream from Sweet Ritual Photo courtesy of Sweet Ritual
5-6323 Meadow Rd, Dallas Star
Garden salad from Mother's Cafe Photo courtesy of Ebby Halliday
Austin Photo Set: News_Tiffay_east side trailer closing_april 2012_the vegan yacht
Vegan ice cream at Sweet Ritual
5-6323 Meadow Rd, Dallas Star

It is a rare week when there is no mention of Austin’s barbecue scene; outsiders seem to think that the city’s only food groups are brisket, pork ribs and some beans on the side.

But if you happen to live by the ethos of treating animals not as commodities, you now have some validation for choosing to live by that rule deep in the heart of Texas. PETA recently released its list of the top vegan-friendly cities of 2013, and Austin received the top honor (yes, beating out vegan havens Portland and Los Angeles) for its impressive offering of restaurants serving delicious vegan fare. 

The list shows PETA’s love for Austin’s mobile vegan options, in particular the food trailers The Vegan Yacht, The Vegan Nom and Guac N Roll. Brick-and-mortar establishments are also given props for their yummy selections of cruelty-free dishes, including Mother’s Café & Garden, Mr. Natural and Güero’s Taco Bar.

And for dessert, PETA gives some love to the vegan pastries and ice cream at Thai Fresh and the wide selection of soft-serve and hard-packed ice cream at the vegan ice cream parlor, Sweet Ritual.

That is, of course, just the tip of the iceberg in Austin if you’re out looking for the best vegan dishes and bites. It might have been an oversight on PETA's part not to include the Conscious Cravings food trailer and its mouthwatering wraps or the delectable cupcakes and baked goods of Celeste’s Best.

In fact, there are plenty more vegan options within the city. If you're a local vegan citizen, share with us your top picks for finding good eats that do no harm to our animal brethren.