It takes a village

First tiny home and urban farm neighborhood takes root in East Austin

First tiny home and urban farm neighborhood takes root in East Austin

Village Farm Austin
Since Village Farm residents do not own the land, they do not have to pay property taxes. Village Farm Austin/Instagram

KVUE —  In an agriculture neighborhood, residents can help work on a farm and buy local, organic produce for a reduced price, then walk a few steps to go home.

It's not a new idea to feature a farm as the centerpiece of a new neighborhood development, but the people behind Village Farm Tiny Home Community believe it's the first "agrihood" in Central Texas and the first tiny home agrihood in the country.

"It's not the kind of place where you go home, put the garage door down and don't talk to anyone," Rebecca Powers, the customer care manager of Village Farm, said. "It's truly a place where you know everyone on a first-name basis and that makes it really special and unique."

Powers also lives in one of the tiny homes on site.

Roberts Communities built tiny homes in the neighborhood east of downtown Austin in 2018. On Saturday, June 27, Roberts and Green Gate Farms held the first soft opening for the tiny homes nearest the farm.

"The farm and the city have been so far apart, and this kind of brings the farmer closer to the center of the community," Skip Connett, the vegetable farmer at Green Gate Farms, said.


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