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Taco Cabana adds 6 new margarita flavors including tangy-sweet tamarind

Taco Cabana adds 6 new margarita flavors including tangy tamarind

Taco Cabana margarita
Special edition margaritas have been a thing with Taco Cabana for many years. Taco Cabana

Tex-Mex chain Taco Cabana had such success with the margarita program it introduced this summer, offering a dozen new flavors for $2 each, that it is adding six new flavors.

The bad news: Six of the older flavors will be 86'd.

The fast food chain made a big splash in July when it debuted 12 flavors that included frosé, mangonada, and most notably Dr Pepper. Prior to this promotion, the chain had two perennial flavors, lime and strawberry.

Called Margaritapalooza, the program got loads of press and new customers. According to Restaurant Business, the promotion brought in "record sales of margaritas," making it a positive story during a time when there are few and far between.

Cut to August 19, when they began hinting on Facebook that a change was coming, urging customers to try the dozen flavors because some were about to disappear.

That'll happen on August 26, with a big change-up: Six of the original dozen flavors introduced in July will be "retired," to make room for the six new flavors coming in.

According to an email sent out to Rewards members, the new flavors are:

  • sangria
  • green apple
  • strawberry-mango
  • pineapple chamoy
  • spicy guava
  • tamarindo

The discontinued flavors are Frose, passion fruit, MojitoRita, prickly pear, and "Star-Spangled Banner," a layered margarita combining strawberry, lime, and blue curaçao.

Dr Pepper was the flavor that got the biggest buzz, but it was also a love-or-hate thing. Fans liked the novelty, while others said that Dr Pepper and tequila did not mix. It moves off the official roster but will be available by request.

The six original flavors that survived include: mango, blue curacao, mangonada, and watermelon, along with their original lime and strawberry. One presumes those were the biggest sellers and that's why they made the cut. But the demise of MojitoRita and Frose are a travesty nonetheless.

Limited-edition flavored margaritas have been a recurring thing for Taco Cabana dating back at least to 2016. Prior flavors have included prickly pear, horchata, and jalapeno guava, infused with guava and a spicy kick of jalapeno.

Beyond the flavors, Taco Cabana's frozen mix has an excellent texture: smooth and creamy, with a center that stays cold while the melting liquid pools around the edges.

They're still doing lime, strawberry, and mango margaritas on-the-rocks by the gallon to-go for $34.99; Blue Curacao is available for $36.99.

A food purchase is required if you want to order the margaritas. The drinks are served via flavored, non-alcoholic mixes and accompanying bottles of tequila, vodka, or rum.

Taco Cabana operates 146 company-owned restaurants in Texas.