Food fight

Dallas boldly declares itself the 'Taco City' of Texas as San Antonio scoffs

Dallas boldly declared the 'Taco City' of Texas as San Antonio scoffs

Mi Tierra Cafe and Bakery restaurant tacos San Antonio
After a D Magazine article declared Dallas "Taco City," San Antonio is again on the front lines of a taco war. Mi Tierra Cafe & Bakery/Facebook

Just as San Antonio begins to heal from the ravages of the great Austin taco war of 2016, a new enemy combatant has moved in to makes claims on Alamo City’s most beloved food.

The first shots were fired when Tim Rogers, the editor of D Magazine, tweeted a sneak peek of the cover of the September issue on August 17. The clear piece of propaganda not only boldly declared Dallas as Taco City, but said they had 37 tacos to prove it. Once news of the northern aggression hit San Antonio, citizens were understandably up in arms.

Replying to the tweet, Signature chef Andrew Weissman blew off the scandalous assertion, saying, “The rest of Texas just let out a collective belly laugh. Y’all probably have the best lobster rolls in the country as well.”

But tensions really started to flare when San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg got involved in the kerfuffle. With a Rihanna-level of social media savageness, Nirenberg simply responded “LOL.”

That really got Rogers’ dander up. On August 23, he delivered a letter to the mayor’s team, immediately going for the jugular with mentions of civic disasters like former Spurs star Kawhi Leonard’s recent betrayal and the devastating August 21 fire at Northeast Side restaurant Chacho's & Chalucci’s.

“I’ll get right to the point,” he wrote. “You totally dissed the entire city of Dallas when you LOL’ed in your retweet ... Now, there are two ways we can go from here. Either we can prolong this beef between out two cities ... OR you can come up here and eat some tacos.”

Rogers went on to invite the mayor on a complimentary taco tour of the city with the author of the Taco City piece, José Ralat, and Dallas mayor Mike Rawlings. Wildly asserting that Nirenberg would no longer LOL after agreeing to the diplomatic mission, Rogers offered a glowing feature and Dallas Wings star Liz Cambage (presumably unaware of her fealty to the aviator-wearing editor) should Nirenberg not eat his words.

Ever the capable general, Nirenberg responded to Rogers in a tweeted three-letter salvo, thus delivering one final blow: “SMH.”