Cocktail-worthy Mixers

Texas spirits company expands line of fresh cocktail mixers

Texas spirits company expands line of fresh cocktail mixers

Republic Spirits Blends Mixers
Republic Spirit Blends now comes in grapefruit lime. Courtesy of Republic Spirits Blends

We are not fans of pre-made cocktail mixers in general, but a newly expanded line of all-natural, Texas-made blends is quickly changing our minds. Originally released as a complement to Republic Tequila, Republic Spirit Blends’ fresh fruit-based concoctions are versatile enough to mix with any spirit, and they make outstanding mocktails.

The mixers come in Texas-inspired flavors including classic lime, jalapeño lime, prickly pear, and a newly released grapefruit lime. All are made and bottled in  Addison, Texas, with concentrate produced from all-natural, Texas-sourced fruits. To coincide with the release of the new flavor, the entire line received a label refresh with a new look designed by Trina Bentley, an award-winning artist with Austin-based Make and Matter Studios.

“Trina Bentley has created new label art for us, that feels like the freshness of the taste,” says Empresario Spirits CEO Gary Kelleher, who oversees the brand and is responsible for developing the flavors. “Our new grapefruit lime is made with Texas Reds from the Valley and is brilliant in a Paloma.” Kelleher is currently testing seasonal flavors that could be offered once a year after harvest.

We are honestly impressed with the taste of the mixers and have been using them in a few experiments with spirits, wine, and beer. Mixed with sparkling water, they also make for a refreshing mocktail, and iced tea drinkers will certainly find them a useful enhancer. Most importantly, they will come in quite handy for creating quick cocktails at tailgate parties.         
Republic Spirit Blends are available in grocery and liquor stores throughout Texas, but Empresario hopes to distribute to neighboring states by next year.