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Austin's newest burrito food truck makes Rainey Street less of a bummer

Austin's new burrito food truck makes Rainey Street less of a bummer

Little Brother Austin
Bummer Burrito will be parked outside Rainey Street's Little Brother. Little Brother/Facebook

The team behind Better Half and Brew & Brew are rolling onto a new venture. Less than a year after debuting micro-bar and coffeeshop Little Brother on Rainey Street, they are adding a food truck to the operation.

Via a travelogue/press release, co-owner Matthew Bolick shared the inspiration for Bummer Burrito, which will open sometime before the end of 2019 in front of Little Brother. During a road trip through Arizona, he sampled many superlative asada burritos, but it wasn’t until he hit the drive-thru at Taco Bell that he had a eureka moment.

“That's it,” he recounted in a release. “Burritos that slay. Local meats and produce, killer tortillas, and a little Taco Bell thrown in for good measure. Bummer Burrito. The Best Burrito on Rainey. Probably.”

To bring the concept into fruition, Bolick enlisted some familiar faces: Little Brother general manager Mike Johnson, who will be in charge of branding, and Better Half chef Rich Reimbolt. The small menu will include a handful of burritos along with sides like chips and queso and nacho fries.

Reimbolt offerings capture the high-low balance of Bolick’s light bulb moment. Among the selections will be a burrito with chili-cheese Fritos and another with jalapeño poppers. All can be customized with a variety of meats or tempeh chorizo.

Ordering can be done at either the food truck or the Little Brother bar, but the exact opening date is still undecided. Once it does debut, it will be open Thursday, 6 pm-midnight; Friday 6 pm-2:30 am; Saturday noon-2:30 am; and Sunday, noon-6 pm. Extended hours will be introduced after the concept is settled.