Cozy Austin Bars

Baby, when's it's cold outside, snuggle up at these top cozy, comfortable bars

When's it's cold outside, snuggle up at these top cozy bars

Tableside s'mores at Halcyon coffee bar and lounge
Who could turn down tableside s'mores at Halcyon? Photo courtesy of Halcyon
interior of Blue Dahlia Bistro with paintings
Enjoy Blue Dahlia's cozy atmosphere with Old World charm and vibrant artwork. Photo courtesy of
drinking mural outside of The Ginger Man Austin
Ginger Man is a great place to meet up with friends. Photo courtesy of
Tableside s'mores at Halcyon coffee bar and lounge
interior of Blue Dahlia Bistro with paintings
drinking mural outside of The Ginger Man Austin

Finding ways to beat the heat is a standard Texas activity, but there is a short time out of year when we can discuss ways to stay cozy in the cold. Barely freezing temperatures may not seem all that harsh to other Americans, but it's all the excuse we need to snuggle up in a warm locale with a hot beverage.

Just because the holidays brought a nip in the air doesn't mean you need to be a shut-in with some hot cocoa and an old comforter. Here are some of our favorite places in town to enjoy a warm libation and show off that awesome sweater Grandma got you for Christmas. When the weather warms back up, you can return to these top spots to grab a cold one, but for now enjoy the chill in the air while it lasts.

Ginger Man Austin

When you're downtown and just want to relax, The Ginger Man is the perfect place shoot the breeze over a pint. When it’s a beautiful, sunny day outside, don't skip the chance to sit out on the patio and enjoy any of their countless offerings of ales, lagers and pilsners from all over the world.

Halcyon Coffee Bar and Lounge

Coffee shop by day, bar by nigh — no matter when you show up at Halcyon, you'll get the chance to relax on one of their comfortable couches and a delicious drink, be it a Long Island Iced Coffee or a lemon drop martini. When you're chilling with friends, don't miss the opportunity to snack on some tableside s'mores. Every trip can easily become your own personal halcyon day.

Blue Dahlia Bistro

If you prefer to unwind in a location with a more European flair, the Blue Dahlia Bistro provides a cozy, charming environment that is perfect for a romantic evening. You enjoy wine, beer or another preferred beverage along with a spread of cheeses or a platter of meats, hummus or olives in their rustic interior. And when the weather is right, you can relax in their back garden of lush flora and private waterfalls to reach a more tranquil state of mind.

Rio Rita Lounge

Rio Rita is the perfect coffeehouse and bar to gather at with friends, sip on espressos or cocktails and hang out. You can hold a Renegade Crafters meeting or a Magic the Gathering competition — no matter what you want to do, Rio Rita will gladly accept you for who you are and what you do, either on the plush furniture arrangements or out on the patio. Stop by, grab a couch and enjoy a Tito's vodka cocktail in comfort.

Clive Bar

If you want a lodge experience but don't feel like driving all the way to Yellowstone, head on down to Rainey Street instead for a similarly pastoral atmosphere. With wood paneling over every square inch of the interior, Clive Bar will make it easy it to forget that you're still within the city limits. With their wide selection of beers on tap and other spirits, it shouldn't take long before you start to feel the expanse of the Wild West.