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New Austin service caters to your pet on your wedding day

New Austin service caters to your pet on your wedding day

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Want your pooch in your wedding? This service can help. Lovely Bride/Facebook

Dogs are an essential part of the family in Austin — if you need evidence of this citywide canine love, all you have to do is look around at the countless pup-friendly restaurants and bars that abound here.

In a place as dog-friendly as Austin, it would be almost unthinkable to have a wedding sans your beloved pooch. Enter The Pet Gal, a local pet sitting and dog walking service that’s now offering special Wedding Pet Attendant services — just in time for this year’s wedding season.

Started in 2009 by local animal enthusiast Susan Anderson, The Pet Gal is a female-owned professional pet services company that specializes in offering customized care and plenty of personalized attention for your pup. Since the company’s inception, the client base has exploded across the city and surrounding areas.

This year, in addition to their regular services, The Pet Gal is introducing specialized Wedding Pet Attendant packages for couples that want to make Fido part of their special day. 

Packages range from Informal (a two-hour attendant service, $220) to Formal (six hours’ worth of attendant and pet chaperone time, $550). All packages include a complimentary consultation before the event, plus a walk, bathroom breaks, and watering, in addition to an escort down the aisle. You’re also able to add on extra time or pets (just an additional $10), and The Pet Gal will even send photos, updates, and a detailed report card from your pet’s wedding attendant at the end of the night.

“Everyone loves their dog like family; everyone wants their family to participate in their wedding," says Anderson. "We decided to help people have their dogs participate in their wedding to make a special day everyone will remember for a lifetime!”