A Not-So Long Goodbye?

Johnny Manziel chickens out on Twitter rant against College Station

Johnny Manziel chickens out on Texas A&M Twitter rant

Many may think that Texas A&M University star Johnny Manziel leads a charmed life — exhibiting superhuman talent at football and pretty much every other sport, spending time with buddies and babes, basking in the glow of adoring fans. 

But it's not all jet-setting and courtside NBA seats and Dom Perignon, as the 20-year-old's most recent Twitter rant proves. (He clearly didn't learn his lesson during a social media hiatus in March.)

"Bullshit like tonight is a reason why I can't wait to leave college station . . . whenever it may be," Manziel tweeted at 10:38 pm on Saturday. 

His vague missive leaves so much room for speculation: Was it a drunken brawl on Northgate? Could it be the lack of late-night dining options? Is he counting the days until he can enter the NFL draft after this 2013 season? Or is he foreseeing a "victory lap" or two for his sport management degree?

Manziel already only took online classes at Texas A&M during the last winter semester, telling reporters that he was only on campus once a month. The man who loves the high life hasn't exactly shown a lot of love for being in College Station. Is this more of the same?

Alas, the Twitterverse may never know. Johnny Football soon deleted the ill-conceived tweet and asked for forgiveness: