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Hidden Holes: Wimberley's Blue Hole

Wimberley's Blue Hole: Hidden swimming holes in Texas

Austin Photo Set: News_Peter Lewis_Swimming Holes_blue hole_wimberley_june 2011_manue reynolds
Austin Photo Set: News_Peter Lewis_Swimming Holes_blue hole_wimberley_june 2011_manue reynolds2

Swimming holes don't come much nicer than Wimberley's Blue Hole. Fresh off a thorough refurbishing, the shaded hill country delight hasn't looked better. Of course, the aesthetic and aquatic pleasures come at a price. Seven dollars per adult, to be exact.

For me at least, the experience is well worth the price. The park has a nice, expansive lawn that features both shade and unadulterated exposure to the sun. It's a great place to spend a few hours, napping or relaxing with that bestseller you've been meaning to tackle.

As for the water, Blue Hole is a cathedral of trees. Arcing over the fairly placid water, they ensure a nice respite from the heat. If you have a noodle or an inner-tube, Blue Hole is perfect for lolling about.

Need some adventure when you're out testing the waters? Blue Hole is equipped with a few “rope” swings. You can go straight from the padded dock, or clamber up to a perch in a nearby tree. The thick chain-link is hooked into a metal ring that offers a secure grip. When executed properly of course, the rope swing is a delight to behold. Blue Hole offers plenty in the way of humorous people-watching, as double-flips turn into back busting splashes and inexperienced rope-swingers flail into the water.

If you are particularly bold, the trees along the shore can seem quite enticing. While the park rules don't allow visitors to jump from the trees, it seemed to be infrequently enforced. So, if you're looking to clamber toward some of the higher branches, be mindful that it might get you kicked out.

Because the lawn is of a goodly size, the Wimberley Blue Hole is an ideal spot to take the family. There's plenty of real estate for the young ones to run about freely when they get tired of the water. There are also a few picnic tables available as well, just be cognizant that like many other spots, glass bottles are prohibited. They say that alcohol is also prohibited, but like the tree jumping, it seemed to be lightly enforced. It's also important to note that pets are not allowed in the park area (to get full information on admission costs and hours of operation, click here).

All in all, Hays County and the Friends of Blue Hole have done a great job in developing the site. While the price may turn some off, you'll be hard pressed to find a more aesthetic and accommodating swimming hole in the central Texas area. It's well worth the trip from the city.