No More Bikinis

Bikinis, Texas wiped off the map: 'Breastaurant' town is now a family-friendly destination

Bikinis, Texas gets wiped off the map in favor of family-friendly spot

Waitress at Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill
Goodbye, Bikinis, Texas.  Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill/Facebook
Bankersmith Hall Texas Bikinis Doug Guller 2015
Doug Guller's town gets an old-school facelift. Photo courtesy of Bankersmith, Texas
Waitress at Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill
Bankersmith Hall Texas Bikinis Doug Guller 2015

Bikinis, Texas is off the map. The town owned by ATX Brands CEO Doug Guller is returning to its roots and original name of Bankersmith, Texas. 

ATX Brands unveiled the new identity this week, signaling a shift from gimmicky "breastaurant" attraction to quaint Hill Country town.

Guller snatched up the ghost town of Bankersmith, Texas — located 10 miles from Fredericksburg and six miles from Luckenbach — in 2012. The Austin entrepreneur saw the municipality as a means to extend his Bikinis sports bar brand, "to put Bikinis on the map … literally."

In 2013, Bikinis, Texas opened with much fanfare. Carmen Electra was even at the grand opening to have her breast imprint inducted into the Bikinis Hall of Fame. However, the concept was met with much opposition, and after a couple years, Guller has decided to make nice with his neighbors. 

"We want a long-term relationship with Fredericksburg, and after working with the community for over two years, we feel changing the name was necessary and want to take it back to its grass roots," Guller explained in an email statement.

The town is now being billed as a hot spot for vacations, private events and Hill Country charm. "We’re really excited to reveal Bankersmith, and everything it has to offer, to the surrounding community," said Guller. "Bankersmith has evolved into the perfect destination for day trips, weddings and so much more." 

The main attraction is Bankersmith Hall, which will regularly host Texas country acts. The town also has four bars and an outdoor stage. It can accommodate around 3,000 guests. The new Hill Country destination is open to the public Friday and Saturday from noon to midnight, Sunday from noon to 10 pm