Weekend Roundup

Make the weekend count with improv, tons of cereal and young rockers

Make the weekend count with improv, tons of cereal and young rockers

The past week was truly magical. In the middle of July, the daily high temperatures weren’t capable of breaking into the triple digits. We may have dealt with slightly higher humidity, but blame it on the rain. We’ll still take whatever moisture we can get.

Enjoy this weekend to the max before the mercury creeps back up to 100.

Megaphone Marathons at the New Movement
This weekend turns into a full relay for the New Movement Theater with its annual Megaphone Marathons.

Featuring improv groups and teams from Austin and across state lines, the Megaphone Marathons focus tons of talent into one theater for the next two nights. Tickets are available for each night’s three heats of performers or for the entire block of entertainment, meaning you’ll probably be just as worn out as the performers when the show is over. Just hydrate and remember to focus.

Cereal Party: Japanese Monster Madness
The Alamo Drafthouse continues a week-long film series with two hours of all-you-can-eat doses of pure fructose as you watch the best in Japanese monster entertainment.

The show will feature classic series, cartoons and commercials starring favorites like Godzilla, Ultraman and even the Japanese Spider-Man, who naturally pilots a flying car and giant robot. Kids of all ages are welcome, including adults who just want to pretend to be kids for one more afternoon.

School of Rock Austin: July Camp Show
Plenty of adults know that they could have been big rock stars — if they just got their big break at open night mic. If that describes you, then seeing the young rock ‘n’ rollers of School of Rock Austin perform could be the perfect nostalgic experience.

School of Rock’s summer campers don’t just have a natural talent. These kids put in a lot of work practicing six hours a day, Monday through Friday, for two weeks. When they take the stage at Strange Brew, expect more than just a loop of the riff from “Smoke on the Water.”

Supper Club: Dinner and a movie series at the ND
One of Austin's favorite pastimes is watching a good movie while chowing down on delicious local food. The ND is joining in on the food and film fun with its new Supper Club.

It kicks off this Sunday with a screening of the quirky True Stories, set in the tiny Texas town of Virgil and starring John Goodman and David Byrne of Talking Heads. You may find that the true highlight is a catered dinner by Micklethwait Craft Meats, which is recognized by Texas Monthly as one of the best barbecue joints in the state. Do we need to spell out why you should attend?

Audience at the New Movement Theater in Austin watching improv comedy
Crowds will pack the New Movement Theater for the weekend's Megaphone Marathons. Courtesy photo
North Door Supper Club with True Stories and Micklethwait Craft Meats
Pair a movie with superb BBQ at the Supper Club on Sunday at the ND. Photo courtesy of North Door
Japanese Spider-Man in flying car giving the thumbs up
See the Japanese take on Spider-Man at the Alamo Drafthouse Cereal Party. Courtesy of Alamo Drafthouse
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