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UT's Historically Bad Bowl

Charlie Strong fails: Even Texas A&M's punching coach can't hide UT's own historic bowl embarrassment

By Chris Baldwin

The NRG Stadium "Fan Cam" keeps catching Longhorn believers at inopportune moments. Not that there are any good times the camera operators can choose from. The whole Texas Bowl is one ...

Texas Dominates TCU ... Eventually

Rain delay leaves Frogs underwater as Horns take a victory lap

By Michael Corcoran

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale/ A tale of a crazy game That started at just half past six/ and ended next a.m. The mate was the bro of Colt McCoy/ the Skipper on his way Aft ...

Horns Have Stoops to Conquer

Better late than Sooner, Longhorns trounce OU at Cotton Bowl

By Michael Corcoran

So this is how it felt to be an OU fan on the second Saturday of October for the past two years, and most of the past 15? Two-touchdown underdog Texas more than doubled Oklahoma in yards gained ...

Trey's Picks

From the Stands: Breaking down who's locked in and who's in the mix this spring

By Trey McLean

Well, you told me I have a plethora. And I just would like to know if you know what a plethora is. I would not like to think that a person would tell someone he has a plethora, and then find out th ...

from the stands

The Texas off-season: Coaching, returning and what to expect

By Trey McLean

I don’t hear you unless you knock, Curtis: Both the basketball teams won last weekend, the women snapping a 9-game losing streak and the men a 5-game losing streak. It was the first w ...

Longhorn football

Longhorns show promise in opening win

By Kevin Benz

First games are educational (unless you happen to be the Alabama Crimson Tide) which is why most college football teams try to play, shall we say, lightweights before facing off against their confe ...

2012 Longhorn football preview

A Longhorn offense that's not offensive: Running back to the future

By Kevin Benz

“We need to score points in this league because it's a points league. I think we averaged 28 last year, and we were scoring 50 at times there during the national championship season. Even ...

Texas football

2-0 Horns show signs of life—life without Garrett Gilbert

By Kevin Benz

And so ends the Garrett Gilbert era. One play in the first quarter Saturday summed up his career at Texas, and frankly should end it. Late in the first quarter David Ash replaced Gilbert as ...

Texas wins... finally

Longhorns grade a solid B, but will need more next week

By Kevin Benz

Texas won. That fact is significant, even against a not-very-good Rice team. So let's take a moment and let the feeling of victory wash over us...  OK. The Longhorns certainly did ...

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