Tosca in the Supermarket

Austin Lyric Opera flash mob invades Central Market and charms the pants off everyone

Austin Lyric Opera flash mob charms Central Market shoppers

At this point in our virtual lives, we might have grown weary of the flash mob/viral marketing double whammy. The stealth and beauty practiced by Austin Lyric Opera members when they mobbed at Central Market Lamar and burst forth with an aria from Tosca, though, is a sight and sound sweet enough to melt the heart of the most steadfast of YouTube cynics. There was majestic singing, there were entranced children, there was beer and there were flowers — lots and lots of flowers.

Watch it, really, even — maybe, especially — if you aren't a big opera buff.

Austin Lyric Opera performances of Tosca last the through the weekend. Sunday's matinee includes "music camp" childcare services; for an extra $20, you get to watch the show undistracted while your kids get musical fun complete with instruments, costumes, snacks and more provided by teachers from Armstrong Community Music School.

You can find more info about all of it here.

opera singer in Austin Lyric Opera production of Puccini's Tosca
Austin Lyric Operat presents Puccini's Tosca this weekend. Photo courtesy of the Long Center