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Watch the largest sculpture in University of Texas history come to life

Watch the largest sculpture in UT history come to life in new video

The newest art installation on the University of Texas at Austin campus is ready to wow those who encounter its imposing structure. Located at 24th Street and Speedway, Nancy Rubins' three-story "Monochrome for Austin" is the largest piece in UT Landmarks history.

Commissioned by Landmarks, which brings fine works of art to the main UT campus, "Monochrome for Austin" is also the first large-scale sculpture by a female artist for the collection. The monochromatic display, constructed over the span of nearly a month, features more than 60 recycled and repurposed aluminum canoes and small boats that seem to balance magically in mid-air.
Rubins has been engineering large-scale forms like this since the 1970s. And like all of her work, Rubins' latest awe-inspiring structure offers an organic contrast to surrounding architectural structures.
The piece will be officially unveiled to the public at a celebration on March 5, which will include an outdoor reception with live music, food and drinks. Before its unveiling, watch exclusive footage of the sculpture's construction, featured above.  
UT Landmarks Monochrome for Austin Nancy Rubins
Nancy Rubins' "Monochrome for Austin." Photo by Paul Bardagly