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Offensive — and totally hilarious —  Book of Mormon returns to Bass Concert Hall

Offensive — and totally hilarious —  Book of Mormon returns to Austin

Monica L. Patton, Ryan Bondy, Cody Jamison Strand in The Book of Mormon national tour
The smash hit Book of Mormon returns to Austin April 17-22. Photo by Joan Marcus

If musicals came with warning labels, Book of Mormon would come with at least three:

  • Not appropriate for children.
  • Not suitable for those easily offended.
  • May cause minor, temporary bodily harm.

Book of Mormon no doubt covers very mature subjects and pushes the envelope all the way to the edge. That covers the first two warnings. The third is about the potential jaw or abdominal aches you may suffer after laughing nonstop for two hours. (I know because my face actually hurt after seeing the show for the first time.)

So, if none of these warnings scare you, and you’re okay with potential discomfort (both emotional and physical), you must catch Book of Mormon during its one-week run at Bass Concert Hall April 17-22.

The Tony Award-winning show follows the journey of two very different Mormon missionaries to a tiny African village where they try to convert people to the faith. They are exposed to some harsh realities in Uganda — which leads to some of the show’s funniest and most uncomfortable moments. 

Andy Huntington Jones plays district leader Elder McKinley who is determined to be successful in bringing people to the church. Jones says in addition to its well-known humor, the show has a lot of heart and a profound message.

“Yes, we say funny things, but ultimately the story celebrates our innate need to connect and find meaning in life,” he explains. “I love traveling to new cities and making people laugh their butts off while also [making them think] about the role faith plays in their lives.”

Two of Book of Mormon’s three co-creators, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, also created the long-running Comedy Central animated series South Park. The musical was born out of Stone and Parker’s fascination with Mormons and mutual love of Rodgers and Hammerstein. The result is a fun, flashy, thought-provoking good time. 

“I love this show,” says Jones. “The Book of Mormon will literally change your life. Or not. But aren’t you curious, Austin?”


Tickets are currently on sale here. A limited number of $25 lottery tickets will also be made available at the box office before each performance.