A Beautiful Fall

Fall into Austin's art scene with these 7 inspiring autumn shows

Fall into Austin's art scene with these 7 inspiring autumn shows

Candace Hicks Women and Their Work
Candace Hicks has a solo show at Women and Their Work. Candace Hicks/Women and Their Work
Umlauf Shanie Tomassini slippery clump
Shanie Tomassini shows at the Umlauf this fall.  Photo courtesy of Umlauf Sculpture Garden & Museum
Gay Gaddis Submerge
Gay Gaddis shows at Submerge Gallery.  Gay Gaddis/Submerge Gallery
Candace Hicks Women and Their Work
Umlauf Shanie Tomassini slippery clump
Gay Gaddis Submerge

If Austin's art scene is any indication, it's once again shaping up to be a beautiful fall in the Capital City. With a diverse range of shows, museum exhibitions, tours, and gallery openings, there are dozens of opportunities to support local artists and the institutions that keep them working. 

Among the highlights this season is an exciting solo show from German-born Kiki Smith and the Blanton's haunting new video exhibition. These seven Austin art events capture the breadth of the city's creative scene and a paint a picture of where the future is heading. 

"Three Oceans" — Preacher Gallery
Now through September 20

In her biography, artist Lauren Napolitano writes that she is a "traveling mixed media artist creating anything out of everything." Indeed, Napolitano's work uses mixed media (fabric, painting, tattoo ink) to examine the energy embodied by and surrounding every living thing. Her Preacher Gallery show, which debuted in mid-August, is a fascinating reflection of the artist's Mexican heritage, her love of the handmade, and her work as a tattoo artist.

"Slippery Clump" — Umlauf Sculpture Garden & Museum
September 6 through November 20 

Canadian artist Shanie Tomassini moved to Austin in 2017 to pursue an MFA at the University of Texas and promptly landed the 2018 Umlauf Prize, an award given to a promising UT fine arts graduate student. As part of the award, the Umlauf will host Tomassini's solo show, an exhibition of oversized sculptures and fountains displayed throughout the six-acre property. These massive forms are both imposing and reflective of the negative space. Art fans interested in hearing the artist speak about her work can attend the free opening reception on September 6 from 6-8 pm or attend the Artist's Insight Talk on October 10 at 7 pm.

"Bounty" — Bale Creek Allen Gallery
September 7 through October 31

New York based Kiki Smith, a master printmaker, brings a series of etchings and prints to this East Austin gallery. A working artist for nearly four decades, Smith examines bodies — both human and animal — and the ways in which they interact with the environment around them. Join the artist in person during an opening reception on September 7, or view the work by appointment through October 31. 

"Quick and Quiet" — Big Medium Gallery
September 7 through October 6

In 2016, Galveston artist Ann Wood lost her parents within six weeks of each other. In the aftermath, Wood found herself saddled with their cars, house, and boxes of memories. Her solo show examines this period in her life, "explor[ing] domesticity, death, and attraction/repulsion as a reaction to visual cues." "Quick and Quiet" hosts an opening reception on September 7.

"Wangechi Mutu: The End of Eating Everything" — The Blanton Museum of Art
September 15 through November 25

Wangechi Mutu examines consumerism in a haunting way with her new video, The End of Eating Everything. Musician Santigold stars in the animated short, her body "bulbous, tumor-like" and "covered in human limbs and machine parts." Mutu's piece is screening in conjunction with the Blanton's newest exhibition "Making Africa: A Continent of Contemporary Design." 

"Wide Open Spaces" — Submerge Gallery
September 17 through October 14

A true cowgirl, Gay Gaddis' latest show is inspired by her time spent working as a ranch hand in the Texas Hill Country. Gaddis' ethereal paintings capture the colors of the landscape and vast Texas sky, while also serving as meditations on the "survival, destruction, and renewal [that] are part of everyday life in the Texas Hill Country." Opening reception will be held September 17 at 6 pm. 

"Many Mini Murder Scenes" — Women and Their Work
September 29 through November 8

Artist Candace Hicks examines the enduring fascination with the murder mystery. "Many Mini Murder Scenes" is a series of intricately crafted miniatures depicting some of the most famous murder scenes in fiction. Hidden within the scene, however, is a whole different mystery. Hicks uses colored films, UV light, and other optical tricks which viewers use to "decode" the scene.