Round Rock Rules

Affordable Austin suburb named one of America's 5 best places to live

Affordable Austin suburb named one of America's 5 best places to live

City of Round Rock water tower downtown
Round Rock is fun and affordable. James Howard/Wikimedia Commons

Finding the best place to live is often a compromise between affordability and fun — but in this Austin suburb, you can have it all. For the second year in a row, Round Rock remains one of the best affordable places to live.

The annual list from Livability is determined by low cost of living and high livability, and Round Rock excels.

"Imagine living near legendary music venues, innovative restaurants, pristine parks, and excellent athletic facilities along with great schools and shopping centers," touts Livability. "Now imagine having the money to actually enjoy all those amenities."

Ranking No. 4 overall, Round Rock is in a sweet spot for affordability. The median household income is $71,000, and residents spend less than 28 percent of that salary on housing. Other major living expenses, like healthcare, groceries, and utilities, are at or below the national average, "leaving residents with plenty of money to enjoy the many things there are to do in and around Round Rock."

And there's plenty to do. For entertainment, residents have the likes of Flix Brewhouse and Round Rock Express at their fingertips. And when it comes to dining, Round Rock boasts beloved eateries like Greenhouse Craft Food and Jack Allen's Kitchen. 

Round Rock dropped from its No. 1 spot on the 2015 list because housing costs are slightly higher than in other affordable hubs. Huntsville, Alabama (No.1); Bismark, North Dakota (No. 2); and Rochester, Minnesota (No. 3) lead the way.