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Looking for love? Then you should move to Austin, says new study.

Looking for love? Then you should move to Austin, says new study.

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Austin is full of marriage-material folks. Courtesy photo

Forget Paris, there is a new city of love and lucky for you, it’s right here. That’s right, Austin may be known for Longhorn fans, barbecue, and Sixth Street shenanigans, but studies show that it may also be the place to find your perfect man.

Trulia conducted a study displaying the top cities to find love and revealed that Austin is the fourth best place to find marriage-material men. Various factors went into determining which cities have your dream man, such as the single male-to-female ratio and cities with most singles broken down by age and work-life balance.

It’s safe to say that you will have better luck finding a man in a city filled with them, and cities with more single men to single women tend to be on the West Coast rather than the East Coast. The national average of single men to women equates to .850 with Bakersfield, California, being the city with highest single male-to-female ratio of 1.021. Austin came in 10th overall, with a ratio of single men to single women .932.

While many like to think age is just a number, a man’s age may have a lot to do with his feelings towards marriage. For this reason, single men were divided by age range — those in their 20s, 30s, and 40s. The city with the highest percentage of single adults in their twenties is Madison, Wisconsin, at 40.7 percent. Austin is the top city for both single adults in the 30s, at 20.3 percent, as well as their 40s, at 19 percent.

What does this all mean? New marriage trends show men waiting longer to get married, proving that those in their 30s are at an optimal age for marriage — making Austin ideal.  

Finally, a work-life balance is important when trying to sustain a healthy relationship and marriage, therefore percentages of people who work more than 40 hours per week were calculated. According to Trulia, 59.3 percent of single adult males work over 40 hours each week in Austin, indicating that the men are hardworking, goal driven, and determined. However, men in Austin aren’t solely obsessed with their work and have an even balance with their social life.

Using these metrics, Austin ranked fourth with most marriage material cities, but we all know there are other factors that make Austin the perfect city to find love. The science behind this study is justifiable, but Austin has so many other factors that beat out San Francisco, San Jose, and Seattle. What makes living in Austin stand out among the top listed?

More people own homes. The cost of living is much lower in Austin than in cities like San Francisco and Seattle, which gives Austin one leg up. When someone owns a home, it shows he/she is committed and futuristic, all indicators of marriage material candidates.

Austin has a suburban feel. Big cities like San Francisco, Chicago, and New York are great for the “city life,” but it is much harder to raise a family in a dense, urban area. Therefore, people in those cities may not be thinking of marriage just yet. While Austin’s downtown area is lively and energetic, the city has a much more relaxed, family feel, which attracts more people who could be marriage material.

Friendly vibes. Austin could arguably be the friendliest city in the country. This atmosphere drives romantic relationships and cultivates the ultimate loving community.

Breathe easy, ladies. While you may be single now, all of these aspects prove why living in Austin almost guarantees you’ll find Mr. Right!