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This Texas city weighs in as one of the fattest in America

This Texas city weighs in as one of the fattest in America

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Big news (but not the good kind).

Big news for Texas, but not the good kind: It seems we have some pounds to shed. 

The folks at WalletHub have revealed the fattest cities in America, and San Antonio-New Braunfels ranks No. 8 out of 100. The most populous U.S. metro areas were ranked on metrics ranging from medical issues to environmental healthiness to determine the results.

A big contributing factor to San Antonio's poor showing is the overall "fat prevalence ranking," which takes into account the percentage of overweight and obese adults, teens, and children. San Antonio ties for the fifth highest percentage of overweight adults — a staggering 38.5 percent. 

San Antonio may be the fattest city in Texas, but it's not alone. Dallas-Fort Worth ranks No. 15 overall, and Houston isn't too far behind (No. 22). Austin comes in at No. 56, which is definitely not our best showing ever, but it does mean we're the slimmest major metro in Texas. We'll take it.

Memphis, Tennessee, ranks the fattest of them all, while Honolulu leads on the slim side.