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Austin declared one of the best cities to start a career this year

Austin declared one of the best cities to start a career this year

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Your new career begins in Austin. Wikimedia Commons

Graduation is upon us, which means it's time to talk about the future. And there's good news for Longhorn alums who wish to plant roots in the Capital City: Austin is the third best city to start a career in 2016.

Starting a career comes with a greater level of commitment than simply finding a job (for which Austin is still one of the best), so WalletHub analyzed the quality of professional opportunities in the 150 most populous U.S. cities, plus quality of life.

Austin has no shortage of opportunities. There are nearly 111 entry-level jobs per 100,000 residents ages 16 and older, and, at $3,188 per month, Austin offers the sixth highest median starting salary. Add the lowest unemployment rate, and you have a thriving job market.

Austin performs even better in the categories that measure quality of life. Our median annual income of $57,517 — the 14th highest — helps to offset the lack of affordable housing, which we know is a growing concern in the region. A young, well-educated workforce and booming population are other pluses, notes WalletHub.

Overall, the Lone Star State is a great place to start a career, with 10 cities in the top 30. Houston (No. 9), Dallas (No. 17), Fort Worth (No. 21), and San Antonio (No. 26) all make strong showings, but only Salt Lake City (No. 1) and Denver (No. 2) outshine Austin.