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Austin drivers shell out more for car insurance than most Americans

Austin drivers shell out more for car insurance than most Americans

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Texas has the fifth highest premiums in the country. Silvercar/Facebook

Life in Austin is getting more and more expensive — and now we can add auto insurance to the list. According to a report released by The Zebra, an Austin-based online marketplace for car insurance, rates have risen drastically in the Capital City.

From 2011-2016, annual insurance premiums in the greater Austin area went up by an astounding 41 percent, while the national increase was only 11 percent. The average annual car insurance premium here is $1,726 — $400 above the national average.

Some locals are paying more than others. Austin follows a nationwide trend that teens, singles, and men pay more than older drivers, married couples, and women, respectively. Insuring a teen driver? Be prepared to shell out $6,184 per year.

And, says The Zebra, where you reside also factors into your rates. Those living in the 78617, 78710, 78712, 78719, and 78799 ZIP codes dish out the most in car insurance, whereas 78717, 78727, 78728, 78732, and 78759 have the cheapest premiums.

In Texas, premiums increased 40 percent in the time period. The statewide average rate of $1,762 (slightly above what we pay in Austin) makes Texas the fifth most expensive state for car insurance.

We can take solace in the fact that Austin isn't the priciest city in Texas — we rank 16th — and local rates are down 7 percent from 2015. McAllen ($1,976), Brownsville ($1,889), Dallas ($1,874), Houston ($1,872), and Laredo ($1,870) have the highest insurance premiums in the state.