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Austin declared one of America's hottest cities for singles

Austin declared one of America's hottest cities for singles

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Being single in Austin isn't so bad after all. iStock

Living the single life in Austin? You're living the good life, according to a new report from ValuePenguin.

Out of 200 U.S. cities, Austin-Round Rock ranks the 11th best place for singles. The personal finance company analyzed 24 metrics across four key categories — dating, cost of living, entertainment and leisure, and community — to determine the list. 

Austin's best score is in the dating category, which evaluated the availability and cost of typical first date ideas. With more than 30 movie theaters, 300 bars, and 3,000 restaurants, Austin ranks a well-deserved No. 5. Bonus: the average price of a three-course meal is $50 per person, the 28th best deal in the country.

Surprisingly, Austin's next best ranking is No. 21 for cost of living, thanks to a high average income ($54,490 per year) and low unemployment rate (2.9 percent). 

We have some improvements to make in the enjoyment and leisure category, as well as community. We rank No. 52 for the former and No. 87 for the latter, which analyzed the percentage of unmarried Austinites across different age groups. 

The Capital City is by far the hottest spot for singles in the Lone Star State. Next is College Station at No. 97; Corpus Christi and Dallas Fort-Worth are tied at No. 125, San Antonio is No. 127, and Houston is No. 148.

Not happy with the local dating pool? The top five cities for singles are New York; San Francisco; Boston; Cleveland; and Barnstable Town, Massachusetts.