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5 cool Austin activities for raising mindful kids

5 cool Austin activities for raising mindful kids

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The Little Yoga House offers families and kids a peaceful space to stretch, learn, and play. Courtesy of The Little Yoga House

With the first months back at school behind us, parents and kids have hopefully gotten into some sense of rhythm and routine that works for them. But even with routine, distraction is everywhere: Play dates, birthday parties, electronic devices, and consumer “noise” can contribute to a feeling of imbalance and cranky kids.

Grownups get the mindful message constantly — it has become synonymous with healthy living — and the same can be true for our kids. Here are our favorite places to get your kiddos into a mindful state of, well, mind.

Aikido of Austin
Aikido, unlike many other martial arts programs, teaches students to defend themselves without using kicks or punches. Instead, the focus is on wrist locks and pinning an opponent's arms to neutralize attacks. From shorter class times geared towards the very young to co-ed classes that teach respect, focus, and agility, Aikido Austin has something for everyone.

Casa de Luz
Want to get your kids to think less about fast food and more about mindful eating? A leisurely lunch at Casa de Luz is in order. The macrobiotic restaurant offers an amazing array of fresh, locally sourced dishes on a daily basis. Veggie tacos, soups, and gorditas are on hand for kids that want to ease into trying something different. This open, serene environment lends itself to connecting with your kids through conversation and delicious foods.

The Little Yoga House
Started by two kindred yogis, Little Yoga House (now with two locations: Clarksville and West Anderson Lane), offers families and kids a peaceful space to stretch, learn, and play. Classes run the gamut from weekend family yoga to aerial yoga just for kids. After class in the Village location, little yogis can peruse the shelves of the Little Yoga Shop, stocked with mindful games, kids clothing, and unique toys.

Mindful Kids
"Time in." This is the concept set forth by local nonprofit Mindful Kids, whose purpose is to share mindfulness, meditation, and energy management tools with kids, teens, and adults. Mindful Kids offers "playshops" for parents interested in creating play groups with other mindful families. 

This South Austin studio focuses on aerial yoga and mindfulness for kids, teens, and adults. Kids use the hammocks as a prop to practice yoga and evidence-based mindfulness techniques in a fun and unique way — in the air! Registration for the winter and spring semesters opens November 1.