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Real-life version of new $200M movie comes to Austin, sit-down scooters zoom in, and more popular stories

Real-life version of new $200M movie comes to Austin and more stories

Passport to Iron City
Robert Rodriguez's new film is transforming into an activation in Austin. Courtesy photo

Editor's note: Well, it's the first full week back from the holidays and we're already counting down the days to our next day off. (It's nine, by the way.) As we bide our time, let's check in with the week's most popular stories.

1. Robert Rodriguez is bringing a real-life version of his new $200 million movie to Austin.  It's not enough to simply write a film, cast it, shoot in, edit it, release a trailer, throw it on the festival circuit, and show it in theaters. These days, it's all about the activation.

2.Vespa-like vehicles zoom into Austin's growing fleet of rentable electric scooters. Can't get enough of those electric scooters? Or, can't get enough of hating on those electric scooters? A California company has selected Austin as the launch site for a new fleet of sit-down vehicles, which are Vespa-y in design and hit top speeds of 20 mph. The scooters launch on or before February 1 meaning the backlash should launch on or before February 2. 

3. Population inside Austin city limits predicted to explode past 1 million mark in 2020. The City of Austin demographer shared with CultureMap a very, very interesting prediction. 

4. These are the most anticipated Austin restaurants opening in early 2019. Mark your calendars and get those bellies ready, Austin's got a host of new restaurants scheduled to open in early 2019. Surprisingly, there are virtually no new names on the list. Instead, nearly every single restaurant is a new concept from a chef or restaurant group already established in Austin. 

5. Charming Hill Country town surprisingly named least affordable place to live in Texas. You know that sweet, simple life we all dream about? The one of moving to a small Texas Hill Country town where everyone waves when you drive down the street, neighbors drop off pie for no reason, and the town sheriff is friendly old kook named Clint? Well, good luck affording it.