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Austin stay home order extended despite governor's plan, plus more top stories

Austin stay home order extended despite governor's plan, plus more

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Austin's stay home order has been extended. Photo courtesy of the CDC

Editor's note: It's that time again — time to check in with our top stories. We are continuing to cover Austin amid the COVID-19 crisis and share stories of how this is changing lives across the region. Here are the stories that captured our collective attention over the past seven days.

1. Austin extends stay home/work safe order despite governor's plan. This whole story was a bit of a ... what's the word ... fumble? Bungle? On Tuesday, May 5, the city hosted a press conference where they were planning to extend Austin's stay at home order. Thirty seconds into the press conference, the sound went wild, it never got fixed, and instead the city quietly posted a YouTube with their remarks. It would take three more days for us to get any real answers

2. Visionary founder of Austin-based Alamo Drafthouse steps down as CEO. Tim League, the founder of Alamo Drafthouse, is stepping down, the company announced last week. Taking his place will be a former Starbucks exec who oversaw that company's expansion into Asia. Though it's hard to imagine the Drafthouse without League at the helm, fans can rest easy knowing he's not leaving, just moving into a chairman position.

3. Splashy Austin eatery drops onto GQ's Best New Restaurants 2020. It's comforting to know that the spread of COVID-19 hasn't slowed the spring best-of lists. This one, courtesy of GQ, ranks the country's 16 best new restaurants, including one in Austin and one in San Antonio. (Sorry, Dallas and Houston.)

4. Top Austin chef flips new restaurant into at-home experience. You know all of those Instagram memes saying you don't need to be productive during a global pandemic? That it's enough to just be present and indulge in self care? This Austin chef has spent his quarantine doing the opposite of that.

5. Downtown Austin on track for public park like New York's iconic High Line. Downtown Austin is on track for a buzzworthy new project near Lady Bird Lake that some are calling Austin's High Line.