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Whataburger merch, Austin's under-the-radar restaurants, and more popular stories

Whataburger merch, Austin's under-the-radar eateries, and more stories

Whataburger running shoes
Wear your Whataburger with pride. Whataburger

Editor's note: With so much happening this week, it's time to dive into the week's top stories. From wearable Whataburger to Austin's friendliest neighborhood, these are the stories that caught Austin's attention this week. 

1. Whataburger issues new merch including running shoes and pillows. If you had any doubt the extent to which Texans will go to show their love of Whataburger, look know further than the fast food chain's new merch line. Kick it in Flying W sneakers, lounge on Spicy Ketchup pillows, and get fancy with a Whataburger-themed bow tie. 

2. Where to eat in Austin right now: 8 under-the-radar restaurants to visit this summer. Austin diners love new restaurants and tried-and-true stalwarts, but what about the unsung heroes? The forgotten gems? The under-the-radar favorites? This list shines a big ol' spotlight on eight capital city eateries that deserve attention.

3. Austin district welcomes nod as one of the friendliest neighborhoods in U.S. And to think ... this downtown 'hood didn't really exist a few years ago.

4. 3 Austin entrepreneurs rank among Forbes' richest self-made women. Austin has no shortage of dynamic entrepreneurs, many of whom used their big ideas to make even bigger bucks. Forbes' list of the 80 richest self-made women includes not one, not two, but three Austinites.

5. Southwest resumes daily nonstop flight from Austin to Mexico hot spot. New Southwest flights are always big news. New Southwest flights to Mexican resort towns? A top five story of the week, naturally.