Last Call at Dallas Nightclub

North Austin nightclub announces closing date after 35 years in business

North Austin nightclub announces closing date after 35 years

From country classics to salsa nights, Dallas Nightclub has been serving drinks and tunes on Burnet Road for more three decades. Now the club is hanging up its hat.

According to a Facebook post on June 30, Dallas Nightclub will be closing its doors for good in a couple of months.

"Dallas Nightclub will be playing our last song, turning off the neons and closing our doors for good in September. We would like to thank everyone who has come through our doors over the last 35 years and helped make Dallas Nightclub a two-step above the rest," reads the post.

Named after the popular television show Dallas, the nightclub reigned supreme at 7113 Burnet Rd. Bill Thompson, who started as a bar back at the club in 1983 and became the owner in 2009, has enjoyed the varied company throughout his years at Dallas Nightclub.

Dallas welcomes regulars and newcomers alike for one more round at the North Austin haunt. "The next two months will be bittersweet as we sip our last drinks, make our last memories and have our final dance," writes the club.

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Last call at Dallas Nightclub is September.  Photo courtesy of Dallas Nightclub