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East Austin's first hand-poke tattoo parlor, unexpected restaurant row, plus more popular stories

East Austin's first hand-poke tattoo parlor, plus more popular stories

hand-poke tattoo design from Austin's No Good Tattoo
No Good Tattoo is now open in Springdale General. Courtesy of No Good Tattoo

Editor's note: Between fireworks and barbecues, there was quite a bit of news for a short holiday week. From a contemporary tattoo parlor to a grisly scooter accident, these are the five stories that captured Austin's attention over the past seven days. 

1. Meet the woman behind East Austin's first hand-poke tattoo parlor. No Good Tattoo, a female-driven contemporary studio, is getting a lot of buzz. The new Springdale General shop offers hand-poke tattoos and other contemporary styles, but also a sense of inclusivity. Owned by a woman, and employing other female artists, No Good Tattoo also offers skin-matching swatches and other thoughtful amenities. 

2. 7 delicious eateries populating Austin's most unexpected restaurant row. East Sixth Street? Nope. South Lamar? Get out of here! What's Austin's most underrated restaurant row? East Riverside Drive, of course. 

3. Lights out as downtown Austin cocktail lounge suddenly shutters. Moonfire Lounge, a Warehouse District cocktail lounge, closed unexpectedly on June 22 after owner Ian Weightman died. No word yet on what caused Weightman's death, but his other property, East Austin's Attabar, has also closed.

4. Austin man charged with intoxication assault after grisly scooter crash. A gruesome scooter crash led to the arrest of a 24-year-old Austin man this week. Jonathan Violante was allegedly under the influence when he crashed into a scooter driver on the corner of West Fifth Street and North Lamar Boulevard. According to social media reports, the car had to be lifted off of the victim, who was then taken to the hospital with a fractured skull and severe skin abrasions.

5. Landmark Austin restaurant boiling mad over Fort Worth queso controversy. Matt's El Rancho is fuming mad at a Fort Worth restaurant. The case-o involves the restaurant's queso, or, more specifically, what Horseshoe Hill Cafe calls the appetizer, Bob Armstrong Dip. Queso historians will note that Matt's El Rancho has called its queso Bob Armstrong Dip for years, and is now suing the Horseshoe over the matter.