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Under-the-radar Austin restaurants, new local CBD oil company, and more top stories

Under-the-radar Austin restaurants, new local CBD oil line, plus more

Mineral Health Robyn
Austin's new CBD cannabis oil line. Photo courtesy of Mineral Health

Editor's note: There's rain the forecast for the first time in ... we can't even remember. Cozy up and uncover the week's top stories. 

1. Where to eat right now: 3 under-the-radar restaurants as unique as Austin. As more and more chain restaurants pop up in our fair city, these spots are tried-and-true treasures. With this month's Where to Eat, we invite you to discover a new spot or revisit an old favorite. Either way, these three restaurants are all uniquely Austin. 

2. New Austin CBD cannabis oil company wants to cure what ails you. Austin's homegrown CBD oil company is just as cool as one would expect. And to think it all started over a spoiled pot of guinea pig and alpaca stew. 

3. Here's the explosive story behind the rebellious woman who saved Austin. The very true, very loud story of Angelina Belle Eberly. An innkeeper in the 1840s, Eberly is credited with firing the canon that saved Austin from losing its Capital City status to Houston of all places. 

4. Innovative Texas real estate service saves Austim homebuyers serious money. This innovative service seeks to take the middleman out of real estate. Dallas-based Door estimates it can save homebuyers an average of $12,000 per deal. 

5. Austin high school once again makes the grade as best in Texas for 2019. Two local schools aced these new rankings, earning a top 50 spot in the U.S., but only one was crowned the best public high school in Texas.