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Monopoly plays around with new Hill Country edition of classic board game

Monopoly plays around with new Hill Country edition of board game

Monopoly board game
Get in the game by suggesting Hill Country landmarks. Photo courtesy of William Warby

Goodbye, Whitechapel Road. Hello, LBJ Ranch. So long, Park Lane. Welcome, Enchanted Rock.

Until September 22, residents and admirers of the Hill Country can vote on landmarks and other spots they think should be featured in a brand-new Hill Country edition of the classic Monopoly board game. Top vote-getters will replace some of the traditional squares from the board’s London edition.

You can email your suggestions to

A company called Top Trumps is producing the official Hill Country version of Monopoly under a license from Hasbro, which owns the Monopoly brand. The Hill Country version is expected to be available in the spring of 2022.

“We want to ensure that the Hill Country Monopoly is an accurate portrayal of what locals love about their cities, so we would love for everyone to get on board and send us their recommendations of what they would like to see included,” Katie Hubbard, a representative for Top Trumps, says in a news release.

“This edition will be everything you love about the traditional board, adapted in a way that people of the Hill Country will enjoy for generations to come. There will also be opportunities in the coming months for the community and individuals alike to get involved in the creation of this game, so stay tuned for more exciting details,” Hubbard adds.

The iconic Monopoly game dates back to the 1930s, when a Pennsylvania man created it. London was the setting of the first licensed Monopoly game. The current U.S. theme is based on Atlantic City, New Jersey. Each Monopoly board contains 40 squares, including 28 properties. Players jockey for position to see who can amass the most assets.