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Alamo Drafthouse forced to cancel hyped Team America screening

Alamo Drafthouse forced to cancel hyped Team America screening

poster for Team America World Police
Alamo Drafthouse can't screen Team America: World Police now that Paramount Pictures has pulled the movie from distribution. Photo courtesy of the Alamo Drafthouse

An amusing plan by Alamo Drafthouse in Richardson to screen Team America: World Police in response to Sony's yanking of The Interview has been foiled. The theater has canceled the screening on orders from Paramount Pictures, the distributor of the 2004 film.

According to Alamo's Facebook page, "Due to to circumstances beyond our control, the screening of Team America on December 27th has been cancelled as the film has been removed from release."

Alamo wasn't the only theater with plans to screen the film, written and directed by South Park's Trey Parker and Matt Stone; Capitol Theater in Cleveland, Ohio also pulled the plug, tweeting that its screening "has been canceled by Paramount Pictures."

Paramount has yet to publicly comment on its removal.

This comes as a blow to not only Alamo, which had been written up nationwide for the stunt, but also for local movie fans, who had sold out the free screening less than 12 hours after it was announced. And it's a rather odd decree from Paramount, given the fact that the film is available for streaming on Netflix and for rent on iTunes.

The most controversial scene in The Interview, showing North Korea's leader, Kim Jong-un, on a helicopter as it gets riddled with bullets, was leaked online and has already made its way to YouTube. A spokesman for Sony Pictures Entertainment has said that the studio is "deeply saddened" by theater chains' refusal to run the film on Christmas Day.