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Austin style expert shares winter wardrobe must-haves — and what must go

Austin style expert shares winter must-haves — and what must go

Ashley Hargrove DTK Austin Styling winter fall 2016
This look combines two of Hargrove's winter must-haves: a leather jacket and a solid-colored sweater. DTK Austin/Instagram

Ashley Hargrove of DTK Austin is one of the city's hottest fashion stylists. She specializes in styling for commercials, ad campaigns, editorial, and designer look books, and her work has been seen on national television shows and in the pages of national magazines. The model and personal stylist was also recently named one of Southern Living's fashion Instagrams to follow now. 

CultureMap caught up with the style maven to get some tips on updating your wardrobe for the winter season.

"As we move into a new season it is imperative to start de-cluttering your old wardrobe in an effort to get organized," Hargrove says. "While most people cringe at the thought of cleaning out their closets and moving things around when the weather starts changing, it is helpful to begin with a list of things to keep, buy, and lose."

Five to keep
Basics, basics, basics. Never forget these words. Whether you are shopping in your closet or at the store, always begin with the basics. Basics are investment pieces that defy trends and will never go out of style. These are the top five basics to build your winter wardrobe around this season:

1. Black leather jacket

2.  A nice trench or wool coat

3.  Leather boots or booties

4.  Cashmere sweaters in solid colors

5. A classic handbag that will last you season to season

Five tips for refining your wardrobe
Once you have the items on this list in place it's easy to see what needs to go.

1.  Always check your wool and cashmere pieces. Most people never check the items that they rarely wear or that were stored in tubs for months. Keep an eye out for pilling and holes in sweaters. 

2. Try on all of your jeans and leggings. People tend to gain or lose weight when the seasons change. Most people stockpile their jeans and rarely try them on. I suggest keeping three to five pairs of great fitting jeans for winter.

3. If you have been storing sweaters in a tub or on hangers in a closet, be sure to check the fabric condition. Does it have hanger dimples? Does the elastic in the fabric still hold up or does it stretch out and stay stretched out? 

4. Check your boots and make sure they are still in style. Most people aren't buying nice boots every season so they wear the same pair and styles year after year. Take a look at the style and the heels. If they are originals from a former decade, toss ‘em and buy a new pair!

5. Costume jewelry. This is something all of us are guilty of hoarding, but now is the time to toss some. What are the signs that you need to send pieces packing? Have you worn it in six to 12 months? If you answered no, toss it. Is it tarnishing? Do your hands smell after you touch it? Is it turning your skin colors? If you answered yes to the last three questions, it is time to go. There is no need to keep a collection of cheap jewelry, and replacing it with current looks is one of the least expensive ways to update your look. This is one area where you can go trendy without breaking the bank.