Austin Wedding Guide 2022
Setting the scene for the perfect day

Tie the knot in style with these unique Austin wedding rental houses

Tie the knot in style with these unique Austin wedding rental houses

Loot Rentals
Loot Rentals offers lots of décor options to perfectly set the wedding scene. Loot Rentals/Instagram
Austin Flower Walls
Is there anything more eye-catching — aside from the bride — than a wedding flower wall? Austin Flower Walls/Instagram
Premiere Events
White satin linens from Premiere Events add a lovely touch of elegance to any wedding. Premiere Events/Instagram
From gorgeous backdrops to timeless arches, Festoon specializes in providing the perfect wedding vibes. Festoon/Instagram
Loot Rentals
Austin Flower Walls
Premiere Events

Planning a wedding is expensive. Even the smallest things start to add up over time. But what most people don’t tell you about planning your wedding is that after your day is over, you often end up with a bunch of random stuff that you’re never going to use again: table numbers, signs, vases, endless pieces of décor, and so much more.


While sometimes it’s more cost-effective to just buy these items or make them yourself, not only is it a headache to get rid of them after your day is over, it can be wasteful and have a negative impact on the environment. 


That’s where wedding rentals come in. Rental services can provide you with plenty of items you may not have even considered for your special day (ahem, like restrooms. More on that later.), but they’ll also often set everything up for you and take it down, so it’s one less thing to worry about. And trust me, on your wedding day, you’ll definitely want one less thing to worry about.


Here are some of the most popular, unique, and interesting businesses to check out for wedding rentals in the Austin area. Pour a glass of wine (you’ll need it) and get to planning!


Basic rentals
Before we get too crazy, let’s knock out some of the most basic things you might need or want for your wedding day. We’re talking tablecloths, centerpieces, chargers, chairs, drinkware — the basics. Here are some of the best wedding rental businesses in the area for all of your needs.


Premiere Events is — you guessed it — one of the premier rental businesses in town. The company has two giant showrooms, in North and South Austin, and they’re open to visit by appointment only. You can rent table linens in a seemingly endless variety of colors and fabrics, as well as tables and chairs, china and chargers, glassware, flatware, bars, tents, décor, furniture, draperies, flooring, heaters, and fans. You can even rent a snow-cone machine, if that’s what you’re into. If you’re not sure where to start, you can request an appointment with a consultant who will help you figure out what you need. Not sure you want to rent everything? You can even buy some of the gently used items that have been previously rented — and get them at a steep discount. Pro tip: Lots of wedding rental companies do this, and it comes in pretty handy for affordable home décor and party supplies.


Loot Rentals is another massively popular local rental company that offers many of the basics. Loot is known for funky furniture and décor options, like this gorgeous vintage settee or these amber goblets. You can rent individual items or invest in a lounge or dining package, in which items are rented together based on a specific style, like the Boho Bungalow Lounge or the Modern + Minimal Dining Package. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, you can email one of Loot’s design experts to help you fine-tune your vision.


J. Bar Contractor Services is located in Burnet and helps you think about the things you’d rather not spend too much time thinking about, like bathrooms. Depending on your venue and the size of your wedding, you might want more bathroom options, and you definitely don’t want your guests using port-a-potties, so consider renting luxury portable restroom trailers for your guests.


The cherry on top
Now that you’ve got your necessities out of the way, let’s think outside the box. How about a mobile bar? A massive arch covered in flowers? Yard games? The world is your oyster with these rentals.


Festoon offers some of the most beautiful wedding arches, walls, and backdrops in the area. You can rent a boxwood wall (so hot right now, especially with a giant neon sign on it), a doughnut wall (to hang doughnuts on for your guests), pink and green backdrops that add beautiful boho vibes to your reception, or wooden arches that serve as the perfect backdrop for your ceremony. (I’m partial to the Algonquin Arch, for reasons.)


Bee Lavish also offers unique rentals, especially the Laurel Traveler. It’s a tiny travel trailer that can be used as a mobile bar, dessert station, DJ booth, photo booth, and more. It’s absolutely adorable as the perfect thoughtful touch for a wedding reception. You can also rent a canoe, perfect for photos, and unique décor like vintage bicycles and sleds.


Want to make a unique statement? Rent a giant flower wall, like the ones Austin Flower Walls has to offer. You can rent them by the type of flower, like a wall of red roses, or by color, like lush greenery or a wall filled with pink peonies and roses. The walls are all available in 8-foot-by-8-foot or 8-foot-by-12-foot sizes.

It’s not a Texas party without yard games, so Austin Yard Games is here for you. Rent cornhole boards, bocce ball, giant checkers, washers, giant Connect 4, giant Jenga, and, yes, oversized beer pong. If you’re having a kid-friendly wedding, the yard games will keep little ones busy while their parents dance the night away, but let’s be real, the adults will want to play games, too.

One last thing
These rentals can get pricey, so if you’re really pinching pennies or wanting to get the most bang for your buck, your old friend Facebook Marketplace is here for you. 

There are plenty of groups on the social media platform dedicated to buying and selling wedding items (for the Austin area, you can find groups here, here, and here, but there are others), and it can be a cost-efficient way for you to find what you’re looking for. 


The pros: Speaking from experience, these groups are a little less scammy than some other buy/sell/trade Facebook groups. It’s usually just people (mostly women) trying to offload some of their supplies after their wedding day and make a few bucks in the process. Plus, it’s usually extremely cheap.


The cons: You obviously can’t search for exactly what you’re looking for, and you never know what condition something will be in when you get it. You also have to coordinate meeting up with a stranger, which is the worst part of any kind of Facebook Marketplace sale or purchase, but if you’re willing to put in the time and effort (and maybe some miles on your car), it can be worth it. Just remember that you’ll probably end up back in the group selling your items later, so be prepared!