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A crazy number of people are moving to Texas says new report

A crazy number of people are moving to Texas says new report

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Folks are flocking to Texas. Imagine Austin/Facebook

Think everyone's moving to Texas? You're right. A new report from the Texas Association of Realtors says that the Lone Star State ranked second in the nation for relocation activity in 2015, behind only Florida. 

Texas experienced a net gain of 107,689 out-of-state residents in 2015, a 4 percent increase from 2014, says the report.

“The diverse job opportunities and high quality of life in Texas continue to drive in-state and out-of-state migration to Texas cities and counties, both big and small,” says Vicki Fullerton, 2017 chairman of the association, in a release. “This is the third consecutive year that Texas has gained more than 500,000 new residents from out of state.”

In 2015, a whopping 553,032 folks migrated to Texas from out of state, an increase of 2.8 percent year-over-year. The highest number of new Texans came from California, followed by Florida, Louisiana, New York, and Oklahoma. At the same time, however, 445,343 Texans left the state for greener pastures. And where'd they go? California, Florida, Oklahoma, Colorado, and Louisiana.  

The report also drills down to the metro level, showing that Dallas-Fort Worth had the most new out-of-state residents: 117,982. Houston followed with 101,604, and Austin-Round Rock was third with 46,598. At the county level, Harris picked up the most new out-of-state residents, followed by Bexar, Dallas, Tarrant, and Travis. Maybe it's time to stop complaining about all those new Austinites.

It turns out that Houston and Dallas were responsible for the largest number of Texas residents moving to and from Austin. The same can be said for Los Angeles and New York regarding out-of-state moves. Here's a breakdown of who's moving to Austin:

Top five Texas metros moving to Austin:

  1. Houston 
  2. Dallas-Fort Worth
  3. San Antonio
  4. Killeen
  5. College Station

Top five out-of-state metros moving to Austin:

  1. Los Angeles
  2. New York
  3. Chicago
  4. Washington 
  5. Phoenix