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New platform is like Tinder for Austin homebuyers — no swiping required

New platform is like Tinder for local homebuyers — no swiping required

Young couple buying their first house
Get a house the new fashioned way. iStock

A matchmaking service of sorts is now available to homebuyers in Austin — and no swiping is required. Open Listings, an online real estate platform, just launched in Austin. Using the Open Listings mobile app or website, users can set up personalized, real-time feeds of available homes, schedule home tours, and even make an offer on a property.

Here’s where the comparison to dating apps like Bumble and Tinder comes in. Once a buyer has made an offer, he or she is paired with a local real estate agent who will work on getting the offer accepted and the deal closed.

And potential homebuyers can get paid to use it. (Well, kinda.) A user of the Open Listings platform not only benefits from the expertise of a local real estate agent, but the buyer also receives a 50 percent refund on the agent’s 3 percent commission. For instance, the buyer of a $300,000 home would receive a refund of $4,500, which could cover the most of the closing costs.

“We now have nearly one million homebuyers shopping with us each month,” says Judd Schoenholtz, co-founder and CEO of Open Listings. “Our software makes an overly complicated process easy. Then, the best agents take homebuyers through the last mile of closing, which makes it possible to offer a refund three to four times more than other online brokerages.”

Austin is the first Texas market for Open Listings. The Los Angeles-based startup also operates in California and Washington, including the Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, and Seattle metro areas.