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This Austin ZIP code is the most expensive place to rent in Texas

This Austin ZIP code is the most expensive place to rent in Texas

70 Rainey condo downtown Austin skyline view
Downtown Austin is the priciest place to rent in the state. Photo courtesy of Sackman Austin

Move over, 90210. The most expensive ZIP codes in the Lone Star State will give you a run for your money. According to a new report from rental website RentCafe, based on data from Yardi Matrix, you have to shell out nearly $2,500 a month to rent an apartment in the priciest area in the state, which is located right here in Austin. In fact, the Capital City is home to three of the five most expensive ZIPs in Texas.

So what are the most expensive ZIP codes in Texas? 

No. 1: 78701, Austin
Everything is going up in downtown Austin — the prices and condos are literally reaching for the stars. Want to live above the fray? $2,475 a month will get you an apartment and a front row seat to SXSW. 

No. 2: 78703, Austin
Austin's upscale 78703 encompasses Tarrytown, Old West Austin, and a sliver of downtown. It comes in at No. 2 with an average apartment rent of $2,393. 

No. 3: 75225, Dallas
Dallas’ red-hot rental market is no joke either. Rents in University Park have reached $2,188, making it the third most expensive in Texas — and the priciest in Big D. 

No. 4: 78705, Austin
Proximity to the University of Texas is great, but it’ll cost you. The average apartment rent these days in West Campus? $2,102 a month. Fret not, students, you can shack up with friends. 

No. 5: 75201, Dallas
Downtown Dallas is starting to make a comeback, and the prices prove it. Rent in the area comes in just below the $2,000 mark at $1,907 a month. 

Good news is on the horizon, though. Rent growth across the nation is slowing down, says RentCafe, and average rents are slipping, even in the most notoriously pricey markets.