Watch Austin's Skyline Transform

See how dramatically Austin's skyline has transformed since 2007

See how dramatically Austin's skyline has transformed since 2007

The times, they are a changing, and so is the Austin skyline. Since 2007, the face of our city has been transformed by a host of new can't-miss buildings.

To help visualize Austin's massive real estate boom, the folks at RentCafé created nifty time-lapse sliders from Google Images to compare the vertical growth in Austin from 2007 to 2014. Below, you can explore major Austin intersections and the new buildings that have forever altered the downtown skyline.

Rainey Street
The Rainey Street neighborhood was rezoned in 2004, allowing for an influx of new bars and restaurants. In addition, residential buildings Windsor on the Lake and SkyHouse now tower more than 30 stories above the entertainment district. This area is developing so quickly that even more buildings are in the works, including Hotel Van Zandt and Seventy Rainey.

Railyard District
The Railyard District — or perhaps a better name would be the Austin Convention Center's backyard — got a vertical upgrade in the form of the 17-story Hyatt Place hotel (left) and the 16-story Whitley Apartments (right). Looking west on Third Street from ACC you can see these new skyline additions, which are posted up near popular eateries such as Vince Young Steakhouse, Max's Wine Dive, Pirahna Killer Sushi, and Royal Blue Grocery.

2nd Street District
The already posh 2nd Street District saw the completion of the W Hotel, ACL Live, and retail space along Lavaca Street in 2011. This complex serves as a mini entertainment hub for the area, with Willie Nelson standing watch since 2012.

Congress Avenue
Perhaps one of the most iconic additions to the skyline since 2007 is The Austonian. With its 56 stories, it is the tallest residential tower west of the Mississippi River — at least, until The Independent comes around. Facing away from the 2nd Street District you can see the relatively new Ashton standing to the right as the now-complete JW Marriott rises in the background.

Republic Square
If you stand at the corner of Republic Square Park and look northwest it's hard to miss the IBC Bank Plaza, which was completed in 2014. The massive office and retail space on Fifth Street is home to IBC Bank as well as several other business and hot restaurants like Fixe, Eddie V's Prime Seafood, and yet-to-open Wu Chow.

Fifth Street
Residential complexes such as The Monarch (left), The Bowie (middle), and Spring Condominiums (right) all sprouted up near the intersection of Lamar Boulevard and Fifth Street in the last decade. As you drive along Lamar Boulevard, keep an eye on the space behind these buildings where the Seaholm redevelopment is taking off. Also coming to the area: The Independent.

West Cesar Chavez Street
Another angle of the same cluster of buildings from Cesar Chavez Street shows the three aforementioned residential towers as well as the Gables Complex on Sandra Muraida Way.

Barton Springs Road
This space along Barton Springs Road in between the intersections of Congress Avenue and Riverside Drive previously offered a nearly unobstructed view of a smaller downtown skyline. Now, The Catherine and the Hyatt Regency parking garage stand guard.


The time-lapse images above are courtesy of RentCafé.

Austin skyline city buildings
RentCafé helps us travel back in time to witness the growth of the Austin skyline. Kumar Appaiah/Flickr