Airbnb Goldmine

How to make your Austin home Airbnb-ready and earn some cash in a flash

How to make your Austin home Airbnb-ready and earn cash in a flash

Airbnb Austin apartment downtown skyline view
These tips ensure short-term renters will love your Austin digs. Photo courtesy of Airbnb

Pack up your valuables and bribe anyone with a comfy couch: The upcoming ACL weekends are the perfect time to pay for that Croatian vacation — or your mortgage.

Whether you prefer HomeAway, Airbnb, or Craigslist, you can pull down some serious dollar bills renting out your home sweet home during Austin's hot festival season.

Before you hit post, you may want to consider some things beyond a basic scrub down and frantic hiding of … um … personal items. Here’s our master list to help you minimize loss and maximize post-rental reviews.

Safety first
Fix anything that might be a hazard for your guests. Think exposed wiring, loose steps. The goal is to make money, not pay an attorney. 
Make sure your smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector are working, too.

Lock away your pricey stuff — jewelry, personal documents, mementos, financial papers, booze — or take it with you. Check your homeowners or renters insurance to see if they cover liability. Also consider installing a touchpad lock that you can re-key after rental.

Inform and inspire
You know and love this city, so compile top tips and favorite local spots for guests. Print or provide takeout and delivery menus, and if you’re renting to festival-goers, a list of veteran ACL tips is helpful (we've got a guide for that, too)

Leave detailed instructions about how you want them to treat your space. Specifically address items like animals, smoking, parties, and loud music. Don't forget to share your Wi-Fi password, Netflix login, instructions for remotes, and more. And, obviously, make sure your contact information is readily available. 

Amp up the amenities
Stock up on the following to ensure your guests have a stellar stay:

  • Quality guest towels, washcloths, and pillows
  • Higher-end toiletries: shampoo, conditioner, soap, sunscreen
  • Board games, playing cards, movies
  • Easily discoverable extra blankets and sheets
  • Hair dryer
  • Welcome basket with snacks and drinks
  • Bikes and accessories
  • Beer and wine openers — and maybe beer and wine
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Coffee maker and good local coffee

Sure, you could throw on some new sheets and rent out your place as-is, but making a few concessions can go a long way towards building a good online rental reputation. Then, the roads are paved with gold all the way to Formula 1, Fun Fun Fun Fest, and SXSW.