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Here's what can fit inside The Independent, the tallest building in Austin

Here's what can fit inside The Independent, Austin's tallest building

The Independent downtown Austin building skyscraper rendering
Once complete, The Independent will be the tallest building in Austin. Rendering courtesy of Rhode Partners

At 58 stories and 685 feet tall, downtown condominium project The Independent is poised to be the tallest building in Austin — and the tallest residential structure west of the Mississippi River. 

As the start of construction approaches, many questions are surfacing about the new addition to the Austin skyline. When will it be complete? Why does it resemble a giant game of Jenga?

In this spirit, LawnStarter asked its own question: What will fit inside of it? The Austin-based lawn care startup broke down the square footage of the massive high-rise to illustrate just how big the skyscraper will be when complete.

When you combine its 370 luxury condos and 13,500 square feet of retail space, you get the equivalent of 396 average-size homes.

To put that into local terms, that's the equivalent of 524 Franklin Barbecues, 97 Broken Spokes, or 2.6 Texas State Capitols. LawnStarter approximates that The Independent can fit an average of five Wal-Mart Supercenters, 66 Walgreens, or 432 Starbucks inside of its walls.

While you won't find a handful of Franklin Barbecue locations inside of The Independent, there will be amenities such as a dog park, children's area, pool and spa, fitness center, yoga and barre studio, and theater. The tower also comes with a projected $300 million price tag.