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Austin restaurant featuring iconic Daniel Johnston mural hops out of business

Austin restaurant featuring Daniel Johnston mural hops out of business

Jeremiah the Innocent Hi How Are You Daniel Johnston
The restaurant that houses Daniel Johnston's iconic "Hi, How Are You?" is closing. Philip Kromer/Wikimedia Commons

KVUE — After being open for five years, the owners of Austin's Thai, How Are You? restaurant have made the decision to close up shop.

According to an announcement via the restaurant's website, this was a difficult and heartbreaking decision for owner Somyong (Noi) Sukkij to make.

Noi took over the restaurant back in 2013 and wanted to find a way to incorporate a bit of Austin culture into the new name, which was inspired by the famous mural outside on its wall.

In 2014, after she connected with local legend Daniel Johnston, the creator of the famous "Hi, How Are You?" frog mural near the University of Texas campus, Noi changed the restaurant's name to "Thai, How Are You?"

In September 2019, Johnston passed away due to natural causes, leaving behind his legacy of influential music, art and selflessness. Many in the Austin community, including Thai, How Are You?, mourned Johnston's passing.


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