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Drizly adds booze chain Spec's to alcohol delivery service in Austin

Drizly adds booze chain Spec's to alcohol delivery service in Austin

Drizly delivery
The product lineup on Drizly features familiar brand names. Drizly/Facebook

Drizly, the alcohol delivery company, has signed on hulking Texas  chain Spec's to its portfolio of stores that will do home delivery of alcohol.

The new partnership will add more than 50 Spec's locations, including those in the Austin area, to the Drizly platform. Drizly is the first and largest alcohol e-commerce marketplace, where you order beer, wine, liquor, and accessories and can potentially get it delivered in an hour.

Drizly has already been in the Austin market for years, and has partnerships with a handful of independent liquor stores. The new deal with Spec's will up its inventory to offer more than 7,000 of Spec's products.

Online ordering and delivery of beer, wine, and liquor will be available in Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, El Paso, and Corpus Christi.

Blaine Grinna, spokesperson for Drizly, says that the time is ripe. "This partnership further proves that the time for retailers to get into alcohol e-commerce is now," she says.

Drizly is the nation's largest online alcohol marketplace. It lets you shop for beer, wine, and spirits with the speed and convenience of on-demand delivery and shipping.

Drizly partners with retail stores in over 100 cities in North America, including Austin, Boston, Calgary, Tampa, New York, Denver, and beyond.

The markup can be steep. A bottle of Miraval rose, which is a mere $19 at Total Wine & More, is $32 on Drizly. That said, you don't have to put on shoes or leave your house. Time is money.

Dallas' Biagio Wine and Spirits manager Williams Lovos says that Drizly has served a niche of customers for whom delivery is a way of life.

"The main demographic has been young millennials who are too busy to come in and get their Tito's or White Claw," he says.