It's National Margarita Day

The 10 best Austin spots to indulge in classic margaritas

The 10 best Austin spots to indulge in classic margaritas

La Condesa margarita in Austin
La Condesa boasts one of the most refreshing margaritas in town. La Condesa/Facebook

Margaritas: Every Texan's boozy beverage of choice. With warmer days already making us thirsty, we're ready to enjoy some of our favorite refreshing recipes on an Austin patio. We've prepared the ultimate guide to the best traditional margaritas to be found in a city filled with them.

The East Seventh Street restaurant's extensive margarita menu may be daunting, but you can't go wrong with one of its classic concoctions. Takoba has a margarita for everyone, and adventurous drinkers will enjoy the tasty mango habenero drink.

El Alma
Featuring numerous twists on the original recipe, El Alma's delightful cocktail list is full of winners. No matter what you order, savor every sip on the fantastic rooftop patio. We love the chili powder rim — a fun and simple twist on the usual garnishes.

Ranch 616
Any respectable margarita list would be lacking without this Sixth Street selection. Treat yourself to freshly prepared tableside guacamole as you sip your personal favorite from Ranch 616's impressive margarita menu.

El Naranjo
Celebrate the holiday in style at this Rainey Street hot spot. Pair top shelf tequila with some of the most authentic Mexican food this city has to offer.

Enchiladas y Mas
You may want to Uber to this Anderson Lane location if you plan to drink more than two margaritas. Management maintains a strict three margarita limit for good reason — don't say we didn't warn you. Go for the frozen, and you won't be disappointed, although your liver might be. What better way to really celebrate the holiday?

La Condesa
​Boasting downtown's finest margarita, enjoy your favorite frozen drink with delicious ceviche.

If you live in Austin, chances are you're never far from a Maudie's — and a margarita fix. Feed your craving (and yourself, while you're at it).

Workhorse Bar
Staying faithful to the classic recipe, the North Loop bar known for its stellar beer selection surprisingly offers one of the freshest (and stiffest) margaritas in the city. Order a double, and you'll lose count of the limes squeezed right before your eyes.

Texas Chili Parlor
Go for the legendary namesake chili, stay for the "Mad Dog" margaritas. Like the restaurant itself, Chili Parlor's on-the-rocks recipe remains refreshingly unassuming and traditional. But don't be fooled — the classic cocktail leaves such an impression that it has been immortalized in Guy Clark's "Dublin Blues." Pro tip: Order the chili enchiladas and queso to make it a well-rounded Texan meal.

Curra's Grill
You can't go wrong at this quintessential Tex-Mex joint, which has long been a staple for local margarita drinkers. Stick to the delicious basics with Curra's classic recipe, or branch out with the famed creamy avocado margarita.