Cult-favorite Austin dim sum restaurant announces unfortunate closure

Cult-favorite Austin dim sum restaurant announces unfortunate closure

Dim sum from New Fortune Chinese Seafood Austin
It's an unlucky day for dim sum lovers in Austin.  New Fortune Chinese Seafood Restaurant/Instagram

Fortune may favor the bold, but in the time of COVID-19, even some of Austin’s favorite longtime restaurants are having rotten luck. Another cherished eatery, New Fortune Chinese Seafood Restaurant, will close permanently April 4, thanks to the pandemic.

Located at 10901 N. Lamar Blvd. and known for its wealth of dim sum offerings, New Fortune had a cult-like following of fans, many of whom would eagerly wait in a lengthy line in order for a chance to snag an array of dim sum delectables like shrimp dumplings and barbecue pork buns from the restaurant’s roving carts. But that was before the novel coronavirus hit and changed everything.

“Unfortunately, due to the struggles we’ve endured during this pandemic, we are no longer able to sustain our operations and continue with the lease at our current location,” read a Tuesday post on the restaurant’s social media, which also hinted at a new location opening once that’s a possibility. “We’re not sure when, but we hope to be able to reopen and invite you to our new home in the future.”

The post also noted that New Fortune will continue offer catering services once the brick-and-mortar location is shuttered. New Fortune’s sister concept, Jade Restaurant, which is located in Davenport Village and also specializes in dim sum and Asian cuisine, will remain open and is currently offering takeout service only.

Previously home to longtime Asian eatery T&S Seafood, New Fortune opened in 2014 and quickly became a popular spot in a North Austin neighborhood scattered with authentic Asian restaurants. While it experienced a bumpy road over the past 12 months — closing then opening for takeout only before attempting to boost business with renewed dine-in service — New Fortune simply couldn’t sustain enough business to stay afloat.

“Thank you, Austin, for the love, support, and delicious memories we’ve made together over the years,” the restaurant’s closing post reads. “We love you, Austin, and we will miss you! Air hugs.”