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P. Terry's beloved veggie burger now available at Whole Foods Market

P. Terry's beloved veggie burger now available at Whole Foods Market

With locations rooted all over the sprawling city, P. Terry's has garnered mass acclaim for its no-fuss menu and delicious veggie burger. 

On Monday the Austin-based business announced a new, exciting partnership. P Terry's signature veggie and vegan burger patties will be available for purchase in more than 30 Whole Foods Market stores, including all five Austin locations. The popular burgers will be featured in the stores’ frozen foods section.   

"We are honored to have our veggie and vegan burgers sold in an entire region of Whole Foods Markets, [including] Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas," Patrick Terry, owner of P. Terry’s, tells CultureMap. "P. Terry's is very protective of its brand, and frankly, we wouldn’t have partnered with many other businesses, but Whole Foods Market represents everything we are about, so it’s the perfect match."  

The partnership will help satisfy P. Terry's loyalists outside of Austin. "We've been asked by our out-of-town customers as far back as seven years ago if we could sell our veggie burgers to them in quantities to take back to their homes, so we see the need. This also allows us to introduce a vegan burger, which is something our customers have been requesting."

The P. Terry’s veggie burger is prepared with brown rice, cream-simmered crimini mushrooms, black beans, oats, onions, cheddar cheese and parsley.  The vegan burger, similar to the veggie option, is prepared with Daiya cheddar- and mozzarella-style vegan cheeses.

"P. Terry’s embodies many of Whole Foods Market’s core values including selling the highest quality natural and organic products available, satisfying and delighting customers, and serving our communities," says Jennie Poe, Southwest Regional Grocery Buyer for Whole Foods Market.

"We felt strongly that exploring the possibility of a partnership with P. Terry’s would be a win-win. The P. Terry’s team is made up of absolutely remarkable people and it’s been a pleasure getting to know and work so closely with them during this process."

Shoppers won’t have to wait long to get their hands on the patties. The burgers make their debut in the Whole Food Market frozen section this weekend.

P. Terry's veggie burger.
The veggie burger and vegan burger patties will be available in the frozen section at Whole Foods. Courtesy of P. Terry's