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Trouble for Franklin Barbecue: Driver crashes into dining room

Trouble for Franklin Barbecue: Driver crashes into dining room

KVUE — The Austin Police Department has questioned a driver who crashed into Franklin Barbecue and drove away Wednesday morning.

A cook smoking brisket in the back of the restaurant heard the noise around 5:30 am Wednesday. "[The employee)]came in here, didn't see anything but happened to look this way to see a car pulling out," said general manager Benji Jacob.

The cook called 911, and the driver left the car's license plate behind as he backed out of the restaurant. Employees cleaned up the mess before opening.

"The most nervous thing was if we were going to be able to open for service, because you can't have a giant hole in your dining room: It's illegal," said Jacob.

Jacob said there were about 400 people at the restaurant by 10:30 am, but in a first for the restaurant they had to wait an extra 10 to 15 minutes before Franklin opened. "We were really lucky, it's crazy, and it was a very stressful morning," Jacob said.


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Franklin Barbecue
A driver crashed through the East Austin building on Wednesday morning.  Photo courtesy of Franklin Barbecue