Praise-worthy local pizza joint flies into Austin airport

Praise-worthy local pizza joint flies into Austin airport

Salvation Pizza
It's a little taste of heaven.  Photo by Richard Casteel/Dandelion Gatherings

Hungry jet-setting Austinites in search of a little Salvation have to look no further than the Austin airport.

Opening Wednesday, June 16 at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, local love Salvation Pizza, which specializes in New Haven-style pies, has touched down at Gate 11 in the Barbara Jordan terminal.

Specialty pies and pizza slices, as well as beer and wine, will be available at Salvation’s airport depot, which will be open daily from 2-9 pm, with the pizzeria serving lunch and dinner offerings initially and breakfast in the coming weeks.

And just because you’re traveling, that’s no reason to eat on the run, especially since Salvation offers a seated area perfect for lounging with a slice.

Salvation’s menu of New Haven-style pizzas — made with thin, hand-pounded crust that yields a crunchy snap and piled with the crisp-fresh toppings — includes classics like pepperoni and Margherita, as well as specialties like the all-in supreme pizza, the drool-inducing Pesto Primavera pie (pesto, spinach, heirloom tomatoes, mushrooms, red onions, balsamic-reduction drizzle), and the Spicy Hawaiian pie (fresh pineapple, Canadian bacon, and pineapple habanero sauce) — great for noshing in anticipation of a flight to a tropical locale.

The menu will also include perfectly portable house-made stromboli (essentially an Italian meat and cheese roll) and a selection of side salads available for dine-in service or to grab and go.

The airport Salvation, while a slice of heaven for Austinites in the know, will also expose the long-loved local brand to visitors, likely gaining it some new fans in its aspirations to become even more awesomesauce.

The company, which has been dishing out pies in Austin since 2006, also maintains two other Austin locations — the enduring Rainey Street spot and one at the Domain Northside — though it shuttered its original Central Austin location on 34th Street, now home to the newly opened Honey Moon Spirit Lounge.